Fashion Life Can Make The Following Impressions About Someone Or A Society

Fashion, by definition, is a popular style in makeup, attire, and footwear. It cannot be separated from a person’s social life because it speaks a universal language bringing together different ethnicities, various cultures, and races. It instills a competitive spirit among members of the society for them to be distinctive and unique. Almost everyone wants to be stylish above his/her peers. Fashion, in a way, helps others to know who we are basically from the way we choose our clothes, our attitude towards the world can be derived. The way we make our choice of things from dresses to food may also be a way of communication. It is not uncommon to have different people having the same taste. Fashion can also show the social group that we belong to in life. The modern society is creating style on brands. Nowadays, it is no longer about companies but brands.

Society creates fashion and sets it as their living standard, and the most important thing is how people feel mentally about it. Style is highly dynamic due to influence from movies, television series, journals, and magazines. It is almost impossible to trace fashion. Until today it is not known how blue jeans became so popular in the United States in the nineteen sixties. At the same time, short skirts and boots that were worn by youth in England became very popular in France.

In summary, fashion life can make the following impressions about someone or a society;

  1. Wearing a specific attire may either show your mood for the day or particular preference; it communicates on your behalf.someone who is in a hood or some sunglasses may be in a low mood or may not want much talk.
  2. Ladies may want to boost their self-esteem by putting on a new hairstyle while men may achieve the same by a unique shaving style.
  3. Fashion can also indicate a change in the revolution. Several years ago, it was a crime in most societies for a woman to wear a skirt that is revealing her knees; however, with fashion life, this is now accepted.