Unique Fashion for Each Individual

Everyone has their own fashion style. It is something that is with accord to the person’s interest, preference, and personality. But sometimes, someone’s fashion style depends on his or her environment, upbringing, and budget too. Someone’s personality easily reflects on his or her fashion style as when someone likes bright colors as bright as their personality, or when someone is girly and she wears a lot of pink and pearls and Chanel. You can also have a glimpse of one’s personality on whether or not he or she puts much effort into how he or she dresses up or whether he or she likes to dress up neatly or sloppily.

When it comes to one’s upbringing, it reveals family background, tradition, and culture. Some people are more experimental when it comes to clothing while others just wear the basics. Others like to be more formal while some tend to go for more casual looks. Others like skirts and dresses, while other women like jeans, and some like shorts or even sweatpants and leggings. Some people are more on the athletic styles while others are more for comfort. Other people also like following trends, some like following fashion styles of previous eras liking to dress up in vintage or retro clothing, while others do not care at all.

Sometimes, fashion style also depends on one’s status in life and job such as people who work for offices or are in more professional fields tend to dress more crisp and formal clothing than others, and famous people like actors tend to be more trendy. Fashion style may also depend on one’s age such as teens may be trendier than adults and kids may be dressed in more colorful clothing with more prints and patterns while adults opt for one-color pieces and plainer prints. Fashion style may also depend on one’s creativity for those who love mixing and matching clothes or creating their own clothing.

Someone’s fashion style really says a lot about the person. But what matters is that you dress in clothing that makes you happy.