Why It Is Better Going For A Designer Piece Than Fast Fashion

When we are younger, we inevitably crave for fast fashion clothes and accessories. We follow fashion news daily so as not to get left when the new fashion trend comes out. And boy, in my case, I used to get excited with the announcement of a Zara sale. The reason that I used to shun designer clothes and accessories is that I perceived them to be expensive.

Therefore, I could settle on a 20-dollar dress and work myself out to make it look like it cost me a fortune. But here is the point, after a few months, I had no use for it, and it ended in the garbage. I used to overbuy on trendy fashion clothes, but if I had used the dollars on designer clothes, even if they will be few, my closet and wallet would be in a better state right now.

I knew that I had to save to buy designer clothes, but I used to cave in most of the time, especially when I saw my friends in a trending outfit. If I had saved for designer clothes, shoes, or accessories, I would still have them even five years later. If not, they have an excellent resale value compared to fast fashion trends which have none at all.

Buying a designer item costs more, and it means you are likely to treasure it more. You don’t need a fat bank account to invest in designer clothes, but it’s all about making a conscious decision of choosing quality over quantity. You will be able to keep it for much longer and maybe even pass it down to your kids ten years later.

Some vintage Chanel items and the Louis Vuitton bags are continually appreciating. Going for designer clothes and accessories will cost you more, but you can always resell and sometimes for a profit. Buying fast fashion trends may be cheap in the short-term, but it’s a waste of money in the long term.